Wishing for better AC

My parents have decided, since they don’t use their garage to park their cars, that they will turn the garage into a spare room. They have even contemplated about converting it into a rental house, and I totally supported this strategy. I knew major renovations could be going underway for this, and I have been rooting for central air conditioning for quite a while now. Technically, where we live life, it isn’t needed as it would be if we lived just two hundred miles south. But I began to extol the virtues of central air flow and what that can mean, like they didn’t know for themselves. I was an adolescent and arrogant person that thought I knew best. I used my mom’s allergies as I felt it was a good inroad to make my dad feel bad. I told her about air purification systems, how it can reduce allergens and toxins within the air through the air ducts and air filters. How clean air is not to be taken for granted! I mistakenly mentioned my dad’s elderly body. During the winter, he wouldn’t have to worry a lot about lugging wood in from outside, and during the fall, he wouldn’t have to worry about ordering and stacking as much wood. We use our central heating unit for sure, but right now, we depend on the wood stoves during the winter to warm us. He said that the only person that has a problem with stacking wood was apparently myself, and perhaps I’d like to pay the heating bill this cold weather season? And that is where I lost them, and they decided to put out plans for renovation for some time longer. I think I have to work on a more subtle approach for next occasion.

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