Needed AC for the baking

Each and every wintertime, our daughters and I just celebration to make a batch of crepes in our house. It’s been a real holiday tradition since I was a little girl even. I used to sit around the kitchen with our Mom, plus we would spend the whole entire morning just making these delicious crepes that we loved. Every one of us had filled these crepes with some berries plus fruits, or chicken plus spinach sometimes.  Some of the crepes were rather sweet much like a dessert, plus others were savory some like supper. Today was the morning that our child plus I were going to spend making our famous Christmas crepes like we do. The weather outside was frigid plus rather windy, but the sun was shining high plus the sky was a true red. I had turned the furnace down a bit,p for myself because the oven would even just help to keep the cabin feeling warm plus toasty for us. After a couple of batches though, we had to begin opening the windows there. It was really warm outside plus very stuffy in the house there, even without the furnace running at all. Every one of us could barely breathe there, without feeling ill and a bit faint. When the weather had turned for the worse, we had to close up all of the windows. It had started to snow too, plus the flakes were coming right into the house. Every one of us had the furnace turned right off completely at this point, but the house was still actually very warm plus very humid. I had turned the ceiling fans right on high, which had managed to just help a little bit. By the time we had finished there with our famous crepes, the indoor air conditions were very poor. Every one of us spent about an hour standing in the porch area, enjoying the frigid air plus snow flurries that we had. Every one of us slept without the furnace running too, because the house was still so warm from baking all day.

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Sick of the heater being broken

I spent almost the entire weekend with my parents. It was the absolute longest weekend that I can ever remember having for sure. My wife and I had announced that our engagement plus the entire cabin was just riddled with these strangers all weekend long there. My Dad had called all of her navy buddies as well, plus people were handing me some money left and right. It wasn’t all terrible either, because I racked in close to many hundred bucks then, but I am super sleepy. I was gleeful to get home plus sleep in our own bed. The drive is close to 4 hours long too, so I was actually very tired when I finally had arrived back home again. The moment that I walked into the apartment there, I really knew the furnace was completely broken. It was so cold out there, that I could see our breath in the air too. It almost felt much colder than outdoors. I walked right over to the thermostat, which was off completely then. I don’t know anything about Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C systems, so I had just decided to ring the building.  After 3 attempts to call there, I finally got him to answer the phone. I told him about the problem too with the heater, plus she said that I had to wait until the morning time. I was just steaming mad about the heater, plus I wasn’t even going to wait until the morning any longer. I walked down to the superintendent’s condo plus just started banging right on the door. A few minutes later though, my wife had opened the door plus looked even madder than ever before. The super hadn’t been home that night at all, plus she did not know where she was at all. I knew that I wasn’t going to get our furnace fixed that night for sure. The next morning we got a very brand new maintenance supervisor, plus I never saw that woman ever again then.

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A/C was left on all day

Being a stay at home mom to three little boys is a pleasure. Even though there are times when I want to tear my hair out or lock myself in the closet just to have a minute to myself, I wouldn’t trade my boys for the world. The only real disadvantage is that my sons have reached the age where they like to everything that mommy does.  This includes messing with the thermostat in the house. Every morning, while we’re having breakfast, I adjust the thermostat. This is because we conserve energy by keeping the house a lot cooler at night while everyone is asleep. My oldest boy must have noticed me making the thermostat adjustment, because he started following behind me and changing the temperature setting. It wasn’t until I got my monthly bill in the mail and saw that the price had doubled in amount that I figured out something was going on. My husband was really upset by the cost.   I couldn’t understand why  the electric bill was suddenly so high. I finally caught my son with his hand on the thermostat. When I asked what he was up to, he told me that he was cooling things down. I then realized that I needed to upgrade our thermostat.  I either needed a smart thermostat or some type of lock box to cover the controls. After consulting with an HVAC professional, I decided on the smart thermostat, because it will help us conserve energy and save money.  I will prevent adjustment by the kids, and also have greater control over the heating and cooling equipment.

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Working by myself with temperature control

There’s a lot of benefits to being someone with a stay at home job. I used to think it was because I could sit around in my pajamas and watch TV while finishing a few assignments for my boss. I then thought maybe it was because I could work at my own pace and take my time.  I could complete projects outside of regular work hours.   I also avoid the management looking over my shoulder all of the time. It wasn’t until a months ago that I realized the main reason why I prefer working from home. It is because I can control the temperature of my home office without getting complaints. In my previous job, the building was always too hot or too cold. It didn’t matter what kind of weather we were experiencing, I always needed to bring a jacket t to make sure I was ready for what the indoor temperature might be that particular day. Every hour, it seemed like somebody was adjusting the thermostat and impacting the whole office space. I was often frustrated. Now, working from home, I realize I am far more productive. If I feel too hot or cold, I simply adjust the thermostat accordingly and carry  on with my work. It helps me to focus on the task at hand.  I am comfortable, so I’m not wasting time  removing or adding layers of clothing. Now that I am working from home, however, my HVAC equipment is far more important and carrying a heavier workload.  I should definitely hire an HVAC contractor to service the equipment, to keep it operating a peak efficiency and capacity.  

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Ductwork cleaning due to mice

Late at night I have been noticing the pitter patter of little paws. It sounds much like critters are in the walls as well as the ceiling, just running around. It keeps me awake all night long and I keep worrying that a mouse is going to burst out into the living room. I tried tearing down the wall in the living room, sealing up the holes and putting up new drywall. My efforts did not help the issue. I was very careful there was no holes in the walls to allow the mice in. Everything was all sealed up tight. I then researched online and learned that the critters were probably not in the walls and ceilings. The mice were most likely in the air ducts. I had mice running through the HVAC  ducts every night. They must have crawled inside through the air vent and set up their home in there. This created a big problem. I was worried about  running the heating equipment.   What if I turned the furnace on and actually roasted a mouse inside the HVAC system.   I did not want to be a mouse murderer and be stuck with their carcuses decomposing in the air ducts. The smell would pollute the house, ruin air quality, and lead to health issues.  The only thing I could do was to set traps for the mice in case they exit from the HVAC equipment.  I could also hire an HVAC  company can to perform a thorough air duct cleaning. I was hoping that the HVAC professional can remove the mide, their bedding and feces. It is not yet time to activate  the heater. But winter is right around the corner. I want to get rid of all the mice before I start the furnace up.


Temperature control while renting

I graduated college a little over a year ago. I am currently single and I work entirely online. The world is at my feet.  My opportunities are endless! What I enjoy doing is traveling the world. I frequently travel to interesting places, bring along my ipad and explore the area for a few weeks. I usually rent a hotel room or small apartment. That way, I have access to wireless internet and nobody is bothering me. The last rental unit I was in was a catastrophe. It took me an extremely long time to figure out the wireless network plus password. Of course, that information was not available for me when I arrived. I had the toughest time figuring out how to operate the shower. The way it turned on and off was unusual. The worst part was definitely the Heating and A/C unit. The heating and cooling was combined into a ductless mini split. I noticed the HVAC equipment mounted up high on the wall and it running  when I arrived. I left it alone for a few days but then started feeling overly chilly.  That is when I started searching for the thermostat or a remote control. Normally the thermostat is installed near the HVAC unit.  That was not the case in this rental unit. I looked around for long time, sick of being cold. I never found the thermostat. I came up with no wireless remote either. I was forced to leave the HVAC unit operating at its own speed and temperature setting. It was very aggravating and unpleasant to deal with. I decided never to go back to that same location again.

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HVAC with a solar panel

I recently relocated onto this most amazing mountain farm! It doesn’t have all the advantages of a proper new house for sure, however they way they are so ecologically resourceful with outdoor solar showers, eco friendly toilets, and living off the land, it is pretty stunning. They put these heavy quilts on all the windows to keep the home cool in the sizzling summer days. It absolutely works for the most part, however come the night time, I find myself just praying for a traditional HVAC cooling plan in order to sleep for just a bit. The people I was with and I have nice ceiling fans, stationary fans and my son’s room even has an old style window box proper fan which impresses me how cool it keeps the room. But in the end I am dying for nice cool conditioned air. I asked the landlord if she would be open to me getting a window box a/c component for just my study room. She agreed, although she told me I would have to pay for it and then pay extra rent for the energy it took. I was so desperate and did all the research on popular HVAC websites as well calling in a local HVAC contractor to come over and explain to me how it worked in general and if it would task for me. She had a lot of nice insight to a/c systems, filters, and the pros and cons of the AC box unit. She said I could rent a cooling component from her on a month to month basis to see first if it absolutely helped my situation before purchasing my own, which I thought was absolutely nice of her! So I tried it out and surely enough, while it was an attractive relief, the cost efficiency was extremely expensive and I didn’t see how I could justify paying the extra cost. I was going to have to just settle on relying on my ceiling and stationary fans to keep me cooled off and pray I survive.

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Cabin has a good fireplace

I have a group of buddies that I have known since grammar school, if you could believe that?! How many people can say that have stayed in touch with their pals for as long. The people I grew up with and I made a pact that no matter where we were in our respective lives that we would get-together for a camping trip every two years. It seemed very reasonable, not too frequently, however not too far either. The people I grew up with and I all agree that we like nature and everything about camping. The people I grew with and I like to cook brunch over the open fire as the sun comes up and we also like to drink endless wine around the same fire at evening sunset. It’s the sleeping hours where you start to lose us, because none of us like sleeping in tents on the rocky ground and shivering our butts off for most of the night getting no sleep! So, as we all learned over the years, we found this great little new home camp site where the cottages were just for sleeping and everything else you had to do outside. The best part is that it was heated with an actual HVAC heating unit! The only concern was trying to please so many people with a balance of the temperatures. Without a doubt, there was always someone too sizzling hot or too cold and sneaking up to fiddle with the temperature control settings in the middle of the night. One concern was for those of us on the top bunks, which had the rising heat and were sweltering hot. I am pretty sure they are the people consistently turning down the thermostat and then those in the bottom bunks would be too frosty. Our cottage method didn’t seem to be turning out as we planned, for there was no way we could please everyone in the setting of a single temperature on the temperature control. The people I grew up with and I sure gave our HVAC component a run for its money!

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Not sure it was a real HVAC repairman

I’ve had several scary experiences in my life where I felt as though I might be in real danger, but none have been so vivid as the time that I was at home alone waiting for a supposed HVAC repairman to come out and rectify my malfunctioning central heating. I had been at home when the heat suddenly stopped working; air was still flowing out of the air vents, but the ventilation system wasn’t providing any actual heat to the indoor air quality. It was the middle of winter, and I was keeping myself warm by wrapping up in as many comforters and blankets as I could find in the house. I called the nearest HVAC company and was reassured that a certified heating and cooling technician was on his way over. I waited for only an hour or so before he arrived, and I was extremely relieved to see the truck pull into my driveway. However, upon initially meeting this HVAC professional, I was immediately skeptical of his credentials. He didn’t speak as if he had in-depth knowledge of central heating systems, and stumbled through his words as he asked about my furnace model and maintenance. I was forthcoming with the details, but kept plenty of distance between us and rapidly texted my friend that I was feeling uncomfortable. The man wanted to take a look around the house to “inspect all my air vents,” at which point my pal arrived and we asked him to please leave. About an hour later, the real heating and cooling truck pulled into my driveway.

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AC blocks out neighbor’s noises

I have trouble living in an apartment setting sometimes. I don’t mind the smaller space, or paying rent towards something I’ll never own, because I’m not prepared to keep up with the ownership responsibilities that go along with buying a house. However, I do mind living so close to other people that I have to hear them 24/7. That’s why I was so relieved to turn on our window air conditioner unit this year, and realize that I couldn’t hear the neighbors one bit over the constant hum of the AC. As soon as the weather outside became hot and humid, I was ready to switch on our big cooling unit. Almost as soon as we did, I noticed that everything was suddenly quiet. The air conditioning was constantly running from that day forward, and the constantly circulating air worked like a white noise machine to drone out the normal sounds of the upstairs neighbor. Her footsteps were silenced by the cold, dehumidified air as it went through the air intake, passed through all the filters, and was pumped back out through the air vents. As if there wasn’t enough benefit to using the air conditioner, improving our indoor air quality and lowering the temperature to a comfortable level, now we also could feel like we were living in our own little bubble without the input of our fellow apartment residents all the time. I wish I had realized this sooner; maybe I would have rethought my central cooling unit at previous apartments!