AC on the golf course

Golf was our favorite thing to do as a young child. I took up the hobby when I was young ┬ábecause my father was also an avid player. I got our first set of golf clubs when I was 15, in addition to working out bi-weekly from then on. I loved golfing, even though I enjoyed spending time with our father at the country club, much more. We would play a round and then the two of us would dine together at the club. My father talked to me about my golf stroke in addition to how to improve my swing. A year ago, we had a poor occurrence at our own country club. I finished a game of golf in addition to choosing to go with some friends to eat, only to find out that the heating and air system in the restaurant was not working. All of us were all tired because it was so hot, all day, so the two of us were aggravated when the two of us noticed that the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system was not going to be functioning while eating dinner. It made no difference where the two of us sat– by an air vent, close to a window, or by the door– the entire restaurant was too humid. I was sad because I pay a pretty penny to be a member there, in addition to expecting the air conditioner system to be operational at all times. I talked to the manager about it, in addition to being assured that an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C technician was on the way to have the A/C fixed. I’m sure that they fix the A/C, but if it happens one more time, I’m going to consider switching our membership.

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