HVAC contractor was not on time

A few weeks ago, my hubby and I observed that our air conditioner unit was leaking water. This is third time it has occurred, and every instance is still just as bothersome. Both of us thought my husband could fix the leak by replacing the air filter, but that didn’t do a thing. Also, I tried to wipe off the coil–nothing. Therefore, we phoned our landlord after a full morning of trying to repair the concern ourselves. He didn’t reply for 3 afternoons, which was really vexing because it is the warm season and both of us were suffering without the air conditioner running all day. When our landlord finally replied, he gave us the phone number of a heating and A/C corporation to contact and come investigate the issue. I called the heating and A/C technician three times, and I didn’t hear back from him for several afternoons. At this point both of us were going on a week without our air conditioner. Thankfully, both of us had portable fans, but that still didn’t combat the heat. Eventually, I was able to get the heating and A/C technician on the phone, and I was told that he would arrive at the start of the following morning. That was not the case due to the fact that he was one hour late which made me one hour late for work. He took a look at the heating and A/C component and told me he was going to use the vacuum in his vehicle to clean out the lines running to my air conditioner. The process took about twenty minutes or so. Even though I was miserable that it took so long for him to get to my house, I am really blissful that both of us now own a working air conditioner.

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