Ductwork Nightmare

My wife and I just moved into our very first home this past month. What an exciting event it has been! I can’t recall anything that feels as satisfying as owning your own home. I joked around with my wife and told her I wanted to install a moat around the perimeter of our house. I was kidding of course. I couldn’t help it. I’m a kid at heart. We did run into some problems our first week here, specifically with our HVAC system. I was putting some stuff away in the crawl space, when I accidentally dislodged some of the ductwork. I tried to put it back in place myself, but my heating and cooling system knowledge is very limited. Needless to say, I ended up having to call a local HVAC business to send over a certified HVAC technician. In my attempted to fix the ductwork, I actually made it much worse. The HVAC technician arrived within an hour of calling the HVAC business. I was very impressed with the speed of service. He easily fixed the problem with the ductwork. I had just knocked it a little loose. After the HVAC technician finished with the ductwork, he explained to me the importance of having my heating and cooling system maintained on a regular basis. He explained how this would end up saving me money in the long run. I decided to set up HVAC system maintenance appointments twice a year. This HVAC business provided me with such great service, I decided to continue the business relationship. Who doesn’t like to save money right?

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