Hamster in the Ductwork

My son was always getting into all kinds of trouble. If something was broken, you could be sure he had something to do with it. Although he was a troublemaker, he didn’t do it on purpose. He was a very kind hearted boy, he was just very clumsy and forgetful. He also loved animals, which is what lead to one of the worst HVAC system disasters I had ever experienced in my life. It all began with a small family of hamsters. My son had just recently adopted three hamsters, and one day they got loose. We couldn’t find them, until we heard squeaks echoing from the walls. The hamsters were trapped in the ductwork. What a nightmare! I opened up all the access panels that the HVAC technician used when he came to inspect the heating and cooling system, but I just couldn’t seem to lure the hamsters out of the ductwork. I tried almost everything! About the only thing I didn’t try was to send my son crawling into the ductwork. Now that would have been a disaster! I even tried adjusting the thermostat to a really high temperature. I thought that maybe the heat would drive them out of the ductwork. It didn’t work. It just made the squeaking coming from the ductwork louder. I eventually had to give in and call a certified HVAC technician to come take care of my rodent problem. I was surprised when he got there. The HVAC technician told me it happened a lot. Who would have guessed! The HVAC technician soon got the hamsters out of the ductwork, and the nightmare was over.

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