Medical Issues and HVAC units

I’ve been working in a hospice care facility for ten years. It is truly a passion of mine to help those who are suffering in illness cross over to their next life with respect and dignity, as well guide their families through the delicate process of grieving. I will do anything to protect my clients, for this journey is already the hardest they will ever have to face within their life. So, when someone tries to interfere with that process, I am a mother hen ready to pounce! Recently, with all the changes in the healthcare world, our hospice facility was bought by a very corporate run company all about money, savings and horrifically getting people in and out as fast as we can for numbers. I couldn’t believe what we were dealing with and didn’t think it could get worse until the hospice HVAC heating and cooling unit crashed one day. This is very serious for our clients for their medication and frail bodies often require their room temperatures to be very balanced with heat and cooling that we actually installed zone control so that we could monitor their individual thermostats in each of their rooms. I immediately went to call the HVAC repair man when I was told to stop. I was stunned asking what the problem was and told corporate decided to forgo the zone control for they thought it cost too much money, which actually it saved them money and energy of they took the time to look into it further than judge it based on a spreadsheet! I was furious and tried to get through to the higher ups the serious nature and need for the zone control. I was speaking on deaf ears and just devastated my clients were going to have to suffer more.

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