No a/c for lent

This year for lent, I decided to give up air conditioning. You might be thinking that air conditioning is strange thing to give up, but I live in the south. We use of air conditioning from the time February rolls around, until the following Christmas season. Sometimes we never turn off the air conditioner during the entire year. When it was getting close to lent, we were already using the air conditioner to control the climate inside of our home. I thought that A/C would be a difficult thing to be without, but I found other ways to keep myself cool. I put a lot of glasses in the freezer, so I would always be able to enjoy an ice cold beverage. I also bought an extra oscillating fan for my bedroom. The ceiling is arched at the top, so there is no ceiling fan in my bedroom. It would be almost impossible to sleep without any air circulating. I always relied on the A/C system, but now I would definitely require the use of a fan. My husband thought that I was crazy to give up the air conditioning, but I wanted to prove that I could it. My husband decided to give up cakes and cookies for lent instead. A week into my bout with no air conditioning, I suffered from heat stroke. I didn’t realize how warm I had gotten, until it was far too late. I had to go to the hospital in order to be pumped full of fluids. I guess there is a real medical reason to keep the house cold with A/C, and I learned that the hard way.

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