Rained out festival in the park

My whole family decided to take a short trip to a local art and craft festival last Saturday. It was about an hour outside of town in a state park. The heat and humidity were both pretty high that day but we looked forward to the fresh air. We all dressed in tank tops or tee shirts and shorts, as well as sneakers or tennis shoes. When we pulled up to the crowded park, and found a parking space, we saw a big grey cloud moving over head. In our area of the country, afternoon rain is expected every day in the summer months. It usually does not last long, but it is often a soaker. We only had two umbrellas for the five of us but we grabbed them from the car anyway. We were able to enjoy about an hour of the festival before the skies opened up and let loose. The rain fell hard and fast. People ran for cover into the building that holds the snack bar and restrooms. There must have been two hundred people crammed in there. My husband and I gave the umbrellas to the kids so they stayed outside, but nearby. Us adults crammed into the small building with everyone else. It was so hot in there! They did not have the cool setting on the HVAC activated because no one would need to be in there for more than a few minutes, under normal circumstances. When we realized the rain was not going to pass anytime soon, one of the staff members must have turned on the air conditioner because a rush of cool air quickly filled the small building. It felt nice for a few minutes, but after about thirty minutes, we all began to feel chilly, and then cold. With our wet hair, wet clothes, and wet shoes, I wonder how many of us caught pneumonia that day?  

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