Sharing Utilities in College Housing

I went to a private college in a small little town. You start in the dorm system the first year, but after that you had a suite for the next year, then what they called a townhome for the last two years. It was really awesome to get a little life training for the real world and actually in ways feel pretty grown up. The only downside to the living arrangements was the fact we were responsible for the house bills. The problem with that was that most kids parents still paid for all their expenses through their four years. I was actually there on a partial scholarship, so I was working most of the time, going to classes and honestly, I wasn’t ever in the living space much. So, when the cooling and heating bills came at the end of the month, I was always so upset to see the hugeness of the bills. My roommates, while nice people, had no concept of expenses on their own and ran the HVAC unit whenever they pleased. They often would leave the air conditioning on for hours when they weren’t even there! When they would get home and be so freezing by the result, they then turned on the heater! It was so crazy that they had no appreciation for energy conservation let alone cost efficiency. I called a house meeting very hesitantly to talk about the situation. I was really nervous as these were all really wealthy kids. But, surprisingly enough, they were totally understanding and apologetic. Lucky for me we are all pretty tech savy and one suggested we get the smart app for our phone so that we could adjust and monitor the heating and cooling bills from your phone. I was so happy this wasn’t explosive, since I have to live with them for two more years!

A/C plan