Compromising the heating and air

My boyfriend lives in another state. I drive my car to meet him once a month and spend the weekend with him. I really look forward to our time together. We really love each other, and we love being together as much as possible. The one thing that I do not look forward to on our monthly meetings is the temperature of his apartment. My boyfriend always keeps his air conditioner turned down to 64 degrees, and his apartment is always freezing to me. He doesn’t seem to have a problem with it, though. I ask him to turn the air conditioning up a bit, and he does, for a while, but after a few hours I can see him sweating, and I give in and let him turn the air conditioner back down. I have learned to bring along several sweaters and sweat pants to keep me warm while we are having our weekends together. After several months of doing this, I have gotten used to the freezing temperature in my boyfriend’s apartment, and it doesn’t bother me as much. Having said that, I am always happy when I step back into my house and the temperature is perfect for me. I have a central heating and air conditioning system, and it always keeps my home at a perfect temperature, all year round. My boyfriend has a ductless mini split system because his apartment is so small. I have been wondering how my boyfriend and I will deal with the air conditioning issue when we move in together next month. HVAC equipment