Binging for the fun of it

In my honest opinion, the absolute best thing about having so many weird streaming platforms for watching films & shows is the ability to go ahead and binge watch. If you don’t suppose the term, binge watching is when you plant your body right on the couch & watch way too much tv for way too long. It’s not a healthy way to spend my couple of days off, I admit, although I have to work extremely long shifts at the hospital, so when I have a day off I don’t adore moving at all if I can help myself. Just last week I watched about seventeen hours of my latest show while my central cooling plan crashed & almost went right ahead and exploded. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but I have to say that crazy cooling system let out an agonized groan of metal grinding on metal & then stopped dead. I paused my show for a few minutes only while I used my smart cellphone to research all the HVAC service companies & A/C businesses that were located in my immediate vicinity. Then I restarted me show & waited patiently for the air conditioning service team of technicians to arrive. The house was heating up hastily, although I tried not to worry about it. I paused my favorite show again & went to the front door when the HVAC supplier arrived, and told them I would be situated on the couch if they needed me. There were three techs all entirely working on my cooling system in an effort to solve the issue, & they made so much noise I almost couldn’t hear my show, even at top volume! It took them several hours before they finally got the HVAC plan back up & running successfully.

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