I don’t want my HVAC system to be compromised

My favorite guy happens to live in a different city. Once every couple of months, the two of us get to spend a weekend together. The two of us look forward to all the time that we get together, because we really happen to love each other. Every one of us enjoy every hour that we get to spend together. I don’t look forward to the temperature in his apartment, because my guy likes to keep the A/C set very low. I consistently find his house to be extremely cold. When I complain about the A/C being too low, he does his best to accommodate me and turns it down. Even a few degrees makes the biggest difference to him, because I can see him sweating profusely and feeling uncomfortable. My guy and I are starting to talk about living together, so the discussion about the heating plus A/C system is going to come up soon.  My guy has a really great ductless A/C system, so there are plenty of ways for us to work out the problems. If the two of us could agree on some great A/C settings, then it would be wonderful for us to live together. The idea of living with another person is something that I haven’t thought about, but now that I know we can agree on the A/C systems, maybe it’s time to ponder that question. I probably have been using the A/C as a reason not to move in with him, plus that scares me.

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