I have been doing a lot of binge watching

The best thing about having so many different streaming platforms for watching movies and shows is be able to binge watch. If you don’t know the term, binge watching is when you plant your butt on the couch and watch way too much tv for way too long. It’s not a healthy way to spend my days off, I admit, but I work 48 hour shifts at the hospital, so when I have a day off I don’t like to move at all if I can help it. I can watch 12 hours of a tv show in one sitting, which I did last thursday even though my central cooling system crashed and almost exploded on me. I guess I’m being a bit dramatic, but that air conditioner let out a howl of metal grinding on metal and then stopped dead. I paused my show for a few minutes, and used my smartphone to research all the HVAC repair companies and AC contractors in my immediate vicinity. Then I restarted me show and waited patiently for the A/C repair team to arrive. The house was heating up quickly, but I tried not to worry about it. I paused my show again and went to the front door when the HVAC company arrived, and told them I would be on the couch if they needed me. There were three techs all working on my air conditioner, and they made so much noise I almost couldn’t hear my show! It took them several hours before they finally got the HVAC system back up and running.

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