I’m not comfortable!

After successfully performing a piano recital in a lovely musical center, our family took me out to celebrate at a fancy French bistro in the city. I was wearing a long gown that was sleeveless, plus as every one of us walked outside to my chariot, I felt comfortable in the warm summertime weather. But when we made our way inside the restaurant, I felt love I had just entered the ice age. The air conditioner was cranked up like crazy, plus the change in temperature from outside felt far too extreme. I wished I had a little sweater. It was a long plus uncomfortable supper for me; I couldn’t even concentrate on the meal. My arms were shivering. So much for a celebratory evening, I thought. We inquired of our server if it were possible to adjust the thermostat, plus he said he would speak to his floor manager. The manager came over plus explained that the restaurant was in the process of some remodeling, plus in the process their Heating as well as Air Conditioning system had been a bit ornery. It was either too sizzling or too cold throughout the day, he admitted. They were about to install an upgraded heating plus cooling system, plus had been attempting for numerous afternoons to get the Heating as well as Air Conditioning worker to come to the restaurant. I wasn’t the first diner to fuss about the air conditioner being too much, he admitted. The manager apologized for the too frigid temperature, plus offered us a free dessert. The people I was with and I ate the dessert, but will entirely not be returning to the expensive bistro until their HVAC renovations are complete plus the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system is not as ornery.