Is the system broken?

I happen to love when I visit my brother, because he lives in a tourist area. We have a whole lot of fun when the two of us are together, but it’s a pain in the butt in his apartment. He always insist that my husband and I stay with him, even though the two of us would definitely be much more comfortable in a hotel. My hubby prefers that the air conditioning system is set to about 70 degrees at night, but my brother loves to keep the A/C set at 65 degrees. He doesn’t even care about the fact that his A/C bill is very high during the summer time, because he likes to keep everything cold. My husband and I continue to spend time at my brothers, because I know he wants us to be there with him and our nieces and nephews. I do believe that the two of us would probably stay in a hotel, if it wasn’t for the fact that the nieces and nephews are there to hang out with. We get used to the cold temperatures after being there for a few days, but the air conditioner still freezes us out. I love to keep our Loft at the perfect temperature, which for my husband and I, would be around 72 degrees. That seems like the exact perfect temperature for any heating and AC system, and we keep our system thermostat set to Auto. Our system automatically adjust the heating and A/C system, so that we can constantly have our home at 72 degrees.

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