It was very cold all through the day

After successfully performing a music recital in a beautiful concert hall, my family took me out to celebrate at an upscale restaurant in the city. I was wearing a long gown that was sleeveless, and as we walked outside to the car, I felt comfortable in the warm summer weather. But as soon as we stepped inside the restaurant, I felt like I had just entered the ice age. The air conditioning was too intense, and the change in temperature from outside felt far too extreme. I wished I had a shawl. It was a long and uncomfortable dinner for me; I couldn’t even enjoy my meal very much. My arms were covered in goosebumps. So much for a celebratory evening, I thought. We asked our server if it were possible to adjust the thermostat, and he said he would speak to his supervisor. The manager came over and explained that the restaurant was undergoing some remodeling, and in the process their HVAC system had been somewhat compromised. It was either too hot or too cold throughout the day, he said. They were about to transition to an upgraded heating and cooling system, and had been trying for several days to get the HVAC technician to come to the restaurant during non-business hours. I wasn’t the first customer to complain about the air conditioning being too much, he said. The manager apologized for the uncomfortable temperature, and offered us a discount on our meal. We accepted, but will probably not be returning to the restaurant until their renovations are complete and the HVAC system is fully up and running (to a more bearable degree!).