My home is feeling great

My family means the world to me. At a very young age, I soon fell in love with the family that took myself and others in–particularly because they did this with open arms. Another reason that I assume all of us meshed so well as a family unit was our new family members, too, had been through so much during their lives, both individually as well as collectively. In fact, nothing could really come close to comparing to the significant sting as well as heartache they experienced just over ten and a half years ago due to the Great Hurricane. Although not nearly as extreme in terms of the circumstances, all of us recently experienced another woeful, water-based situation when all of us ultimately found that our clothes had become damp one afternoon. The people I was with and I had all lived together in our beach house for at least six years, however at no point did all of us experience something as different as our clothes just hanging in the closets being damp. Since this situation was new to all of us, all of us decided to go ahead and stop by our local library on the way back to the beach house from breakfast one evening as well as ask for their advice. Always helpful, the great local librarian at the circulation desk recommended that all of us get a hold of one of the Heating plus A/C companies in the area. Therefore, the next afternoon our Dad got the one of his choosing to come right out to our place that afternoon. After doing a quick walkthrough in an effort to verify what she told them on the phone, the tech explained that all of us would need to go ahead and get a device called a dehumidifier since the moisture level in our air was too high. After doing so, we did not have to worry about damp clothing again.

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