Temperature control information

My family has meant the world to me during my relatively short lifetime. Despite my youth, I have experienced so much in life. Adopted at the age of five, I soon fell in love with the family that took me in–particularly because they did so with open arms. Another reason that I believe we meshed so well as a group was my new family members, too, had been through so much during their lives, both individually and collectively. In fact, nothing could compare to the significant sting and heartache they experienced just over 10 years ago due to the Great Hurricane. Although not nearly as dire of circumstances, we recently experienced another woeful, water-based situation when we found that our clothes had become damp one day out of the blue. We had all lived together in our home for at least seven years, but at no point did we experience something as odd as our clothes hanging in the closets being damp. Since this situation was new to all of us, we decided to stop by our local library on the way home from dinner one evening and ask for their advice. Always helpful, the librarian at the circulation desk suggested that we get a hold of one of the local HVAC companies in the area. Therefore, the next day my mom got the one of her choosing on the phone and they were out to our place that afternoon. After doing a quick walkthrough to verify what she told them on the phone, the tech explained that we would need to get a device called a dehumidifier since the moisture level in our air was too high at the time. Upon doing so, we wouldn’t have to worry about having overly damp clothes any longer.

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