The A/C saved me!

After successfully belting my heart out in a rock n roll recital in a beautiful concert hall, my family took myself and others out to make memories at an costly restaurant in the city. I was wearing a long dress that was sleeveless, plus as all of us walked outside to the car, I felt comfortable in the warm Summer temperature. But as soon as all of us stepped inside the restaurant, I felt as if I had just entered the ice age. The a/c was too strong, plus the change in temperature from outside felt far too extreme. I was dreaming that I had a shawl. It was a long plus uncomfortable lunch for me; I couldn’t really even notice the food much. My arms were covered in goosebumps. So much for a celebratory night, I grumbled to myself. All of us asked our server if it were possible to adjust the control unit, so the server said she would speak to her supervisor. The manager came over to let us know that the restaurant was undergoing some remodeling, plus in the process their Heating plus Air Conditioning method had been somewhat compromised. It was always too frigid or too tropical throughout the day, she said. They were about to make their way to an upgraded heating plus cooling system, plus had been trying for about three days to get the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional to come to the restaurant during the closed hours. I wasn’t the first client to grumble about the a/c being too much, she said. The manager apologized for the frigid temperature, plus provided us a discount on our food. All of us accepted, however will really not be making the trek to that restaurant until their renovations are all finished plus the Heating plus Air Conditioning method is working well.

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