There is too much air conditioning in here

After I was finished performing a tunes recital in a charming concert hall, my mom and dad took me out to celebrate at a luxurious restaurant in the city. I was wearing a long gown that was sleeveless and perfect for the weather. But as soon as we set our feet inside the restaurant, I felt super cold. The air conditioner was blowing too intensely, plus the change in temperature from outside felt far too away on the spectrum. I wished I had a little jacket. It was a long plus miserable dinner for me; I couldn’t even care about our meal particularly much. My arms were icy. So much for a celebratory evening, I whined. We asked our server if it were possible to adjust the control unit. The server’s manager came over plus let us in on the secret that the restaurant was completing some remodeling, plus in the process their Heating plus A/C system had been acting out of the ordinary. It was either too tepid or too chilly most days and nights, he said. They were in the middle of purchasing a new heating plus cooling system, plus had been trying for several afternoons to get the Heating plus A/C serviceman to come to the restaurant during non-supplier hours. Many diners hat been complaining, but unfortunately the manager could not repair HVAC systems. He could run a restaurant but did not know anything about HVAC repair. He was quite kind and apologetic and gave us a free dessert and free drinks. So we were happy about that but really would have preferred a better HVAC experience.

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