What happened to my HVAC equipment

My son happens to live in another area of the country. He lives about 4 hours away from home, because he attends College in the next day. I love to see him, but it can be inconvenient for most times. It’s a very long drive for me, in addition to the fact that my son cannot have a car on campus. On the days when he comes back home to visit, he always complains about our heating system. He often tells me that it’s far too cold, because he is used to the dorm rooms being very warm during the day. The heating system in the dorms rooms always makes it feel very hot out at all times. I keep the thermostat set to 68 degrees, at all times of the year. In the wintertime, the heating system probably could be set a degree or two higher, but I like the fact that our energy bills stay consistently low. The last time that my son was in town, we surprised him. We had converted the basement into a small apartment for him, so that he could come into town and stay whenever he wanted. We had even put a small heating system in there, so that he could keep the indoor temperature warm however he wanted. He absolutely love the surprise, as well as was happy with the new heating system. I think that we will get to see our son a bit more often, because now he will have some privacy in addition to his very own heating system.

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