This air quality is fantastic

I work in an old, brick building that is in need of updates. The windows are single pane and a lot of them are painted shut. The sun beats in and heats the house in the summer, and yet no clean air can be circulated through. They also allow heat to escape and cold drafts to enter in the winter time. The ceilings are especially high, and without fans, the warmth rises up and is wasted. The HVAC system installed within the building is positively ancient and cannot match demand. Between insufficient airflow and no proper insulation and weatherproofing, my heating and cooling system runs constantly but can’t provide comfort. In addition, the supply vents are based in the floor, which is useless. The most concerning issue is the problems with mold growth. The building is too moist, and the HVAC system does not provide proper air circulation, ventilation, or filtration. I am suspicious that this HVAC system is actually the main problem, and is polluting my air quality, every time it runs. Regardless of the work the cleaners do each night, there is a lot of dust on all surfaces, particles flying around in the air, and spots on the windows. There are two possible reasons. Either the cleaning crew is bad, or contaminants are being introduced into breathing air every day. Since employees are constantly sick and missing work, I am convinced that the quality of air inside the building is very poor. Unfortunately, management refuses to buy new HVAC equipment because the prevailing system still functions.

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I found the right air conditioner

I work entirely out of my home office, which is very beneficial. I set my own hours, listen to my music of choice, and wear whatever I choose. However, because I work under a deadline, I often end up committing to very long hours. My day doesn’t end at five o’clock. I want to remain dedicated until the workload is completed. Today is a magnificent day in early August. After surviving a full week of non stop rain, the sun is finally shining. The sky is blue and cloudless, and the high today is in the low eighties. There is a soft breeze, and I would love to either mow my lawn or relax on my back deck. I’d like to pour myself a refreshing glass of lemonade, grab a good book, and sit among the sunshine. Instead, I am trapped inside completing an especially tedious project for work. I am fortunate I have a comfortable chair and a state-of-the-art HVAC system to keep me comfortable. The air conditioner keeps my home at the ideal temperature, no matter how hot and humid it seems to be outside. I have partnered my modern HVAC system with the latest smart thermostat on the market that features wifi connectivity. I have the ability to make adjustments to temperature, fan speed, and even air quality from an app on my iPhone or my Macbook. My work never gets interrupted by getting up and walking to the thermostat to adjust the settings. This allows me to be more productive, and the air conditioner makes the whole situation much more tolerable. I am hoping to complete my work quickly, and enjoy a bit of this gorgeous day.

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This is surely a lot of fun

The church we have attended for over 25 years is a marvellous place to go. Both my spouse and K are very involved in the events that take there and sit on several committees. One of these is church council and we have the power to make decisions regarding our expenditures and repairs of the building itself. The church itself is over 100 years old and there is always something that needs to be fixed. The thing on the agenda now’s replacing the old boiler systems which were put in in the 50s as they are becoming very unreliable. You can only imagine the size of these boiler systems because previously the holding tanks themselves were as big as a car in some commercial buildings. We’ve gotten several estimates over the replacement of the heating and cooling system but the majority  include three boilers you need to do the work of this. At first, we were confused by this but as soon as a HVAC dealer said that we needed three separate areas for heating it made much more sense. The size in efficiency for the newer systems would allow us to heat areas that are being utilized at different temperatures than those that had been vacant and this really made lots of sense. After all, our church hosts a few meetings in the week but they are kept in specific areas so there is no sense heating the sanctuary that’s very large to the same temperature being a meeting room for a few hours, Although the cost of replacing the system is incredibly expensive, we feel that down the road the amount of money we’ll be saving out on monthly utility bills will offset that cost. We have a whole lot of fundraising to do, but that we will be thrilled once it’s all done.

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Wow it’s hot in here

My siblings and I struggle with what to get our mom for her birthday and Christmas. I really think this happens to most of us as our parents age and we know that they don’t need everything. For this reason we started giving our mom what involve us spending time with her doing something fun. We feel she really appreciates the time spent along with the memories created more than she would a new sweater that she really doesn’t need. For this reason my sisters and I obtain a day spa trip for my mom for Mother’s Day recently and planned to spend the weekend relaxing and having fun. I had checked all the internet reviews ahead of time make sure that most of the people who went there was clearly satisfied with the facility and the accommodations so we were all looking forward to it. Upon arrival we all had checked into our rooms and next decided we would get massages before dinner, that became a mistake. When we arrive at the salon we were welcomed by a wall of hot muggy and smelly air. I really felt like I should have feel germs clinging to my body and there seems to be no way we were visiting stay there. My sister went to the reception desk and inquired to what was going on and they told her that the heating and cooling system had broken down thus day and they couldn’t control the indoor temperature. She tried to make sure us that the facility was clean and offered to refund our money for our massages if we wanted her to. We had all decided that was best as none of us really wanted to go back into the salon and headed out to the pool instead. At least it was located outside in the outside so we spent the days before dinner having wine beside the pool and believed it was just as relaxing as a massage.air conditioning

this is all quite common

As soon as riding a bicycle around town during a hurricane, one has many interesting revelations visit themselves at oneself. I can say this to be a fact because I have had it affect me six times! Granted, I are now living a tropical climate, in a harbor town, so it is not a huge surprise when a big hurricane suddenly ripped through and tossed everything around. I have always found it to remain rather exciting to ride my bicycle in high winds, which means that naturally, a hurricane is the best case scenario. Then when I actually started having revelations, I started enjoying it far more! Furthermore, I should explain that these revelations are always like business ideas. My climate control service and provide business actually only exists thanks to my hurricane rides. Heating and cooling systems are not very common in our country as a result of poverty, but there undoubtedly are a small heating and cooling owning elite. As luck may have it, I read about how 92% of modern climate control systems will be in my city, on the morning of a single of my fateful bike rides. So I figured that air conditioners and furnaces were a sensible way to make a buck in some of our city. Especially since all heating and cooling system components must be ordered and shipped from distant. By opening a heating and cooling shop, I was tapping right into an untapped market! Now I am some climate control system owning elite, but I still choose to not ever own a car. After many, my HVAC empire was built for the lack thereof!

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Working on the air conditioner

If you enjoy drinking water at room temperature, then you are a tremendous amount like me. In fact, we are the same person. My water is usually at room temperature. I have a special filter device attached to your top of a large naff pitcher. This device makes it to make sure that I can pour plain tap water in the top and it will filter every impurity and unnecessary metal that comes from the old, corroded pipes in my house. I leave this pitcher sitting from the counter in the kitchen in order that it is always at the same temperature as the air that surrounds it. I do this so that I will taste the purity better. This heating and cooling system however, is not old like my pipes and the house. No, I make sure that my home climate control is always at the forefront of advanced technological capabilities. Sometimes that means heating and cooling system upgrades happen twice and even thrice a year. It is expensive, but climate controlled water is the greatest thing in the world, as soon as you develop a taste for that. I keep my HVAC thermostat at 59 degrees at all times. This assures that my water can be perfect. If my climate system were ever to are unsuccessful, it would not matter much, because I have a backup air conditioner in my guest room closet, which makes a kind of premium water cooling emergency A/C storage space. Still though, I must keep up with regular maintenance to meaning that my HVAC system will always chill my water perfectly.

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Working on the heater

I bought my house three years ago and so far I’ve been one of the most responsible homeowners I know. I’m up to date on the latest technologies and even installed a top quality security system. My lawn is the greenest on the block and my house is surrounded by flowers I planted myself. My neighbors absolutely adore me. I make sure to check off all of my household maintenance chores before they’re due as well. One thing I’m very good about is getting my HVAC system cleaned and checked out two times a year. Most people only call an HVAC technician after there’s a problem with their existing system. What most people don’t know, is this is terrible for your HVAC system. The filters need be changed regularly and the system needs to be cleaned before each season. That means having the heating system looked at in the autumn before winter starts and having the air conditioner looked at in the spring prior to summer. If you don’t have them inspected and there’s a problem, you might be left without an air conditioner when it’s already scorching outside. Luckily, my local HVAC company offers a solution in the shape of an annual plan. You pay a fee one time, and they automatically arrange the inspections. Then they just call a week before to explain they are coming and the HVAC technician is prompt and polite too. It’s a terrific idea that makes certain that my heating and cooling system will be fully operational with no problems for a long time. I would highly encourage others to try the program.

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I almost dropped the A/C

It’s always hot and humid outside and when I open my window for relief, the disgusting smell of decaying trash mixed with the town’s garbage invite themselves in. The other day, I finally caved and got a window air conditioning system. I wasn’t planning spending more than $150 on a window air conditioner, but somehow left with a $400 unit in my hands. Looking back the salesman must have been either really good at his job or really cute, but he wasn’t slick enough to sell me the home installation. “I’m an independent person,” I thought to myself, “I can totally install this air conditioner inside my third floor condo without any help.” I managed to affix the unit’s side panels, made sure everything was stable and then hoisted the item into my window. I’ll admit it teetered a bit, but overall I was able to stabilize the thing and slam the window on top of it. I was so pumped for the cool, clean fresh air I was about to feel cool air on my face for the very first time in a long while. However, there was a problem. The unit wasn’t aligned properly. I opened the window just a tad, while I tried desperately to hold the air conditioner steady with my other hand. That’s when tragedy struck, and I swear it happened in slow motion. I lost my grip and the air conditioner slipped backward. Try as I might, the unit was too much for me to grab onto. I watch in shock as my brand new $400 air conditioner plummeted to its demise on the pavement three stories below. That’s when I heard the crash. I stared out of the open window for what feels like an eternity, stunned at how rapidly things went wrong. My air conditioner was caput and I was left bitter, hot, and covered in sweat. I slammed the window and swore to never speak of this day ever again.

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This thermostat is fantastic

I turned 30 this year, and I wasn’t expecting too many gifts. All of my siblings are older and have kids of their own. I never request gifts any more because, frankly, I feel like I’m too old. Plus, I think at this point I have everything I need. If there’s something I want, I just budget it out and purchase it myself, so when a present arrived from my parents, I wasn’t expecting it. Apparently, they thought they had found something I didn’t have, and they were right. I opened the packaged and saw they had gotten me a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat connects to your heating and cooling systems in addition to a downloadable app on your phone. They said they had recently gotten one to cut the costs of their electric bill. They also said someone from a local HVAC company would be coming by to install it for me personally! The only thing I had to do was download the app. The smart thermostat also understands my routines so my air conditioning system will know when I typically go to work and when I get home so it can adjust the temperatures and humidity accordingly. The app also sends me reminders every time I need to get my HVAC system cleaned or maintenanced and even gives me discounts for local heater and air conditioning technicians. Believe it or not, it even sends me reports to see how my air conditioning system and heating system are functioning monthly too. It truly was a thoughtful and amazing gift! It’s really made my life easier!

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Household issues

Not too long ago, it seems as if my house was falling apart. I have been confronted with one malfunction after another. Because my home is approximately 200 years old, it has been a struggle to update and manage the many necessary improvements, maintenance and repairs. Although my husband Greg and I spent the last seven years remodeling the property, it is an ongoing concern. Despite adding insulation, replacing home windows, caulking, weatherstripping and putting up new drywall, we can’t manage to prevent energy waste. The HVAC system seems to run at all times and the monthly utility bills cost us a fortune. Last summer, right when I was planning to have the air conditioner professionally serviced, the water tank ruptured and flooded the basement. Not only did I need to handle all of the water damage and clean up, but I was forced to purchase a new water heater. I was still hoping to handle the time and expense of air conditioner upkeep, when my vacuum broke and the overhead shed door suddenly refused to opened. Since I couldn’t get along without a vacuum cleaner, and I needed to get my car out of the garage, those became the priority. The air conditioner got neglected and eventually suffered the consequences. By the end of the July, the air conditioner started making a really alarming screeching sound. I’d just purchased a new pool heater and then a new clothes dryer, so I attempted to fix the air conditioner myself. That was a huge mistake, I took the whole cooling unit apart and I couldn’t put it back together. I was tempted to try and get along without air conditioning, but the outside temperature climbed into a triple digits and my entire family was complaining.

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