I almost dropped the A/C

It’s always hot and humid outside and when I open my window for relief, the disgusting smell of decaying trash mixed with the town’s garbage invite themselves in. The other day, I finally caved and got a window air conditioning system. I wasn’t planning spending more than $150 on a window air conditioner, but somehow left with a $400 unit in my hands. Looking back the salesman must have been either really good at his job or really cute, but he wasn’t slick enough to sell me the home installation. “I’m an independent person,” I thought to myself, “I can totally install this air conditioner inside my third floor condo without any help.” I managed to affix the unit’s side panels, made sure everything was stable and then hoisted the item into my window. I’ll admit it teetered a bit, but overall I was able to stabilize the thing and slam the window on top of it. I was so pumped for the cool, clean fresh air I was about to feel cool air on my face for the very first time in a long while. However, there was a problem. The unit wasn’t aligned properly. I opened the window just a tad, while I tried desperately to hold the air conditioner steady with my other hand. That’s when tragedy struck, and I swear it happened in slow motion. I lost my grip and the air conditioner slipped backward. Try as I might, the unit was too much for me to grab onto. I watch in shock as my brand new $400 air conditioner plummeted to its demise on the pavement three stories below. That’s when I heard the crash. I stared out of the open window for what feels like an eternity, stunned at how rapidly things went wrong. My air conditioner was caput and I was left bitter, hot, and covered in sweat. I slammed the window and swore to never speak of this day ever again.

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