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As soon as riding a bicycle around town during a hurricane, one has many interesting revelations visit themselves at oneself. I can say this to be a fact because I have had it affect me six times! Granted, I are now living a tropical climate, in a harbor town, so it is not a huge surprise when a big hurricane suddenly ripped through and tossed everything around. I have always found it to remain rather exciting to ride my bicycle in high winds, which means that naturally, a hurricane is the best case scenario. Then when I actually started having revelations, I started enjoying it far more! Furthermore, I should explain that these revelations are always like business ideas. My climate control service and provide business actually only exists thanks to my hurricane rides. Heating and cooling systems are not very common in our country as a result of poverty, but there undoubtedly are a small heating and cooling owning elite. As luck may have it, I read about how 92% of modern climate control systems will be in my city, on the morning of a single of my fateful bike rides. So I figured that air conditioners and furnaces were a sensible way to make a buck in some of our city. Especially since all heating and cooling system components must be ordered and shipped from distant. By opening a heating and cooling shop, I was tapping right into an untapped market! Now I am some climate control system owning elite, but I still choose to not ever own a car. After many, my HVAC empire was built for the lack thereof!

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