This is surely a lot of fun

The church we have attended for over 25 years is a marvellous place to go. Both my spouse and K are very involved in the events that take there and sit on several committees. One of these is church council and we have the power to make decisions regarding our expenditures and repairs of the building itself. The church itself is over 100 years old and there is always something that needs to be fixed. The thing on the agenda now’s replacing the old boiler systems which were put in in the 50s as they are becoming very unreliable. You can only imagine the size of these boiler systems because previously the holding tanks themselves were as big as a car in some commercial buildings. We’ve gotten several estimates over the replacement of the heating and cooling system but the majority ¬†include three boilers you need to do the work of this. At first, we were confused by this but as soon as a HVAC dealer said that we needed three separate areas for heating it made much more sense. The size in efficiency for the newer systems would allow us to heat areas that are being utilized at different temperatures than those that had been vacant and this really made lots of sense. After all, our church hosts a few meetings in the week but they are kept in specific areas so there is no sense heating the sanctuary that’s very large to the same temperature being a meeting room for a few hours, Although the cost of replacing the system is incredibly expensive, we feel that down the road the amount of money we’ll be saving out on monthly utility bills will offset that cost. We have a whole lot of fundraising to do, but that we will be thrilled once it’s all done.

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