This thermostat is fantastic

I turned 30 this year, and I wasn’t expecting too many gifts. All of my siblings are older and have kids of their own. I never request gifts any more because, frankly, I feel like I’m too old. Plus, I think at this point I have everything I need. If there’s something I want, I just budget it out and purchase it myself, so when a present arrived from my parents, I wasn’t expecting it. Apparently, they thought they had found something I didn’t have, and they were right. I opened the packaged and saw they had gotten me a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat connects to your heating and cooling systems in addition to a downloadable app on your phone. They said they had recently gotten one to cut the costs of their electric bill. They also said someone from a local HVAC company would be coming by to install it for me personally! The only thing I had to do was download the app. The smart thermostat also understands my routines so my air conditioning system will know when I typically go to work and when I get home so it can adjust the temperatures and humidity accordingly. The app also sends me reminders every time I need to get my HVAC system cleaned or maintenanced and even gives me discounts for local heater and air conditioning technicians. Believe it or not, it even sends me reports to see how my air conditioning system and heating system are functioning monthly too. It truly was a thoughtful and amazing gift! It’s really made my life easier!

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