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My husband Donny and I recently invested in a home automation system. The price was not unreasonable and the energy savings have definitely recovered the purchase and installation price. Our property automation system combines the management of our thermostat, lighting, security system and additional safety equipment. Through Wifi online and an app on our smartphones, Donny and I can monitor and adjust these essential systems. It doesn’t matter if we are home, at work or away on vacation, we are able to change the settings for the heating and cooling equipment, regulate air level quality, and get notifications for upkeep needs or problems. Donny and I have uninterrupted access to our smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, dehumidifier, central heater, and air conditioner. We can lock and unlock doors, turn lights on and off, and we get notified in cases where a window or a door is opened. Our home is easier, healthier, safer and more protected. We now have complete peacefulness when we leave for work, head off on a vacation or get to sleep at night. Plus I was able to program the HVAC system in addition to lights to significantly reduce power use and reduce our monthly utility bills. We save both time and money, and the home automation system definitely makes life far easier. We purchased the home automation system through our neighborhood HVAC contractor, and he managed the installation and familiarized us with operation and features. There is absolutely no contract, no monthly fees, as well as the home automation system provides consistent upgrades, allowing it to adjust to changing technology and our raising needs.

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I found a lot of issues

When my husband Peter, and I were house hunting, we toured all different styles of homes. We just weren’t sure the kind of house we wanted. Our priority was definitely the positioning and size of the premises. We figured that just about every other aspect of the home could be changed and improved. Since we are both quite handy and own a diverse collection of tools, we were excited about tackling renovations. It never occurred to us to prioritize the kind and condition of the HVAC system. We had always rented an apartment and never needed to worry about HVAC preservation or repairs. We moved into our new home in September, and the weather was delicate and pleasant. We were in a position to open the windows and welcome inside of a fresh breeze while we cleaned out, painted, and started a whole couple of home improvement projects. By the end of October, the outside heat severely dropped, and we had to close the windows and start up the furnace. Unfortunately, the furnace was not in good working order. When it first started up, it made some very worrying clunking and screeching noises. That finally settled into an irritating rattle, but never managed to give off very much heat. Everyone kept turning the thermostat higher, and needed to bundle up in multiple layers of sweaters. It made working in the house very uncomfortable. Taking the time to look into the furnace and ductwork, we knew we were in massive trouble. All of the components appeared corroded, and the ductwork obviously leaked. Despite being capable of home renovation, we did not feel qualified to work on the furnace or repair that ductwork. We ended up spending a lot to hire a licensed HVAC contractor to deal with updates to both the furnace and air conditioner.


My toes keep going numb

It really happened; my toes went numb from the lack of heating. My husband and I went on our annual ski trip up north at a really cool resort last Saturday and Sunday. We always make sure to pack all of our gear including extra clothes and socks to double layer everything. Well, I guess this time things just didn’t work out. It’s not unbearably cold at this particular resort and they usually have an efficient HVAC unit operating, so I’m not sure why my toes had decided to go completely numb. We had only been out in the snow for an hour. Skiing had become a real challenge as I was losing my footing and becoming unbalanced. All I wanted to do at that time, was to be inside with that resort’s heating system, so my husband sent me to our cabin to warm up in the heat. Even after being within my sufficiently heated room, nonetheless, my toes were frozen numb! My socks were no help and yes it annoyed me that they left my feet sweaty. I had put more logs inside the fireplace, hoping that this would ignite the fire to provide more heat to cure my toe numbness. I tried rubbing my toes to get them out of the numby funk, but my hands then begun to cramp up. I guess this just wasn’t my year for the trip, as I was stuck with combating my weird limbs and heating issue the whole day. My husband was so helpful and at least was able to bring me hot cocoa to help cheer me up. Afterall, it was the least he could do since he sent me inside while he enjoyed skiing without me for an hour.HVAC products

I don’t trust this

Regularly, nature will just do precisely what it pleases. No matter what the temps the weather channel claims it’ll be outside, where I live, I can’t really make use of it. I have been caught outdoors many times regretting the things that I chose to wear that day. You would think, living here so long that I would know, but having constant weather changes while living here is rather challenging. I must always make sure the heating and cooling system in my home is working properly during all of the seasonal changes. Nature is not the only cause of my stress. I really believe that the weather forecaster in our town isn’t accurate with his readings or reliable in any respect. The only thing that will not ever let me down, is my heating and cooling unit. On a really hot day, I have no issue sitting indoors, relaxing on this couch with my cooling machine on blast. Also in the winter time, I won’t even bother to step outdoors as soon as I see snowfall outside of my window. I will just turn on my heating unit and watch the traffic pile up and people walk rapidly to get indoors. I will just stand there appreciating  my heating unit and laughing at those who fall victim to the wintry sidewalks. It’s certainly not very nice to snicker about this, but sometimes I really think I have beaten Mother Nature at her own game, especially when I recognize that I can depend on my HVAC system.

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Relaxing in the library

Regularly, I like to make my way into the local library when I have the free time. There’s truly nothing like having the capacity to sit down comfortably and read a book on a warm deluxe sofa. Whether I was studying and doing homework, or just hoping to learn something new, this was the place that I never felt less than enjoyable inside its walls. These days, I usually will go alone inside the warm toasty heat, but a short while ago, I had decided to choose a friend. She had suggested that we look at the bigger one located downtown which she said had a great heating system, so I was game! I had warned her that I would most likely be submerged inside my reading, so I probably wouldn’t end up engaging with her much in any way, besides, talking is prohibited within the library. Well, it was extremely cold in this particular library and I could barely concentrate on my reading. I looked all around for the HVAC vents to feel if there was ice cold air blowing from them. Indeed, once I walked up to the cooling vents, there was cold shooting down on me. I thought that I would take advantage of it and moved far away from the cooling vents. I really planned to ask about the cooling issue with the front desk and see if they could turn it down, but I stayed in my chair and then finally went back to finding the murderer inside the suspense novel I was reading through.

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I am very confused

For me personally, coffee shops are a true host to tranquility, especially as a writer. I find that I get way more work done when I am in an environment where there is tranquility. One might think that there are plenty of distractions in a coffee shop, but personally I am given the ability to manage my work without my focus being averted. I remember the 1st time that I spent a solid chunk of energy in a coffee shop, I understood what some people call, “coffee culture” speedily. The smell in coffee shops might be the best part, as the smell of delicious chocolate chip banana muffins is hard for any individual to resist buying! The only thing that I really hate about coffee shops has to be the excessive use of air conditioning! The cooling unit always seems like it’s blasting at full power. Wearing a t-shirt or shorts is simply not an option and it surprises me when people do and don’t freeze. The first few times that I went, I felt really uncomfortable and cold. It’s really hard for getting any work done, whether typing or writing because my fingers in most cases freeze solid. I always need to wear thick clothing to shield myself from the chilly air conditioning. The place is just one block from me, but I’m sure I look crazy wearing such heavy clothing when it’s a hot summer’s day out. I bet that the workers don’t even like feeling the cold air blasting through the air vents. I wouldn’t last a day working in a place that abuses the air conditioning.

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The real estate looks good

I certainly enjoyed my career. It took me a while to finally figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Once I did, however, there was no going back. I had decided to become a realtor about five years ago. I most certainly loved it! I can never forget the thrill of selling a home for the first time. It was quite exciting, to say the least. Just a week ago I had an extremely stress filled situation, however. I was showing home to a newlywed couple, and for reasons unknown, the HVAC system wasn’t turning on. This was extremely embarrassing for me. Here I was, attempting to show them how to use that newly installed smart thermostat and it wouldn’t even work. I had just finished talking to them about the joys of using a zone control heating and cooling system, and I couldn’t even get the thing to turn on! It was a very awkward situation, but the couple was quite understanding. They said they would come back next week. After they left, I called an HVAC technician to come review the heating and cooling system and he was soon in a position to get it all fixed and running. I rescheduled with the couple, they came and looked at the immaculate heating and cooling system, and we soon finalized this sale! What a crazy HVAC system event that was! I would surely never forget it. I made a decision that day to always make sure that a home’s HVAC system was always in good working order before I scheduled a showing. It was worth the additional effort.

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We’re all so sweaty

My teenage daughter was in the drama club at the school. She had a dream to become a famous actor. She was very good! Last season she actually had the lead in the summer play. She was rather nervous, but we knew she would do an amazing job. She put lots of extra time into practicing her lines plus the delivery too. She had a superb gift of excellent timing, great expressions, and perfect tone of voice. She was an overall natural! Opening night came, and this lady was great! Unfortunately, the heating and cooling system did start to malfunction halfway through the event. Usually you could hear the air conditioner working in the giant auditorium, because there was a bunch of ductwork and an abundance of air vents. You couldn’t help but notice the auditory presence of the cool air circulating in the ductwork. Even over the voices with the actors it was obvious that the air conditioner stopped working. Eventually, the different performers started sweating a great deal! All of their make up started melting off all their faces, as the auditorium changed into a giant furnace! I felt so bad for my daughter as I sat there watching her wipe the makeup off her sweaty brow from the absence of the air conditioning. She has the ability to improvise, however, and even ad-libbed some lines! The rest of the cast soon began to follow suit, and the broken air conditioner actually caused the show to become a comedy! I was so impressed with the show and my amazing daughter!

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I am a good babysitter

My family has been struggling lately within the finance department. Me and my wife are professional authors, but our book sales have been pretty lousy lately. We were both forced to look into extra jobs just to pay bills. I had taken a job for being an editor, and my wife took an offer to do some babysitting for a local couple. My wife went to her first babysitting gig the other day, and it was not what she expected! To begin, the HVAC system didn’t even work. This was terrible, because it was a horribly hot day, and without the comfort of an air conditioner, the baby was especially cranky. Luckily they had a couple fans, but it didn’t keep the house nearly as cool as it should be. The baby was crying for hours from hunger, dirty diapers, and the void of a working air conditioner. The poor baby was miserable! His room was like a furnace! My wife did what she could to keep the baby cool enough, but without an air conditioner it was close to impossible. She finally tried putting a wet washcloth to the baby’s forehead, and that seemed to help a little. When my wife got home later that evening, she told me how grateful she was that we had such a nice HVAC system. She couldn’t imagine living in a furnace like environment that she babysat at! The idea made me count my blessings as well. Even though we had been struggling, we still had an operational air conditioner. Life without an HVAC system can be extremely miserable, just ask that helpless baby!

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We just don’t have air conditioning

I was an awfully light sleeper. In order for me to obtain a proper night of sleep, I was required to have everything just right. I had produced a nightly “schedule” consisting of meditation, calming music, reading, and a relaxing cup of hot tea. I usually slept just like a baby. One other important facet of my sleeping quality was the HVAC system. I need to have my bedroom set at the appropriate temperature, or I would toss and turn throughout the entire night. Last week we had an exceedingly bad heat spell. I must have set my air conditioner to a frosty 68 degrees simply to keep my home at a reasonably comfortable level. I knew I had produced a split or two someplace within my ductwork, but I just didn’t have the money to have an HVAC technician over to mend it. One morning during the heatwave, I woke up very early to an overheated home. My air conditioner had stopped working completely! I was devastated. I couldn’t hear the recognizable hum of my air conditioner and I really tried everything with the thermostat. My air conditioner had officially kicked the bucket. I sweat for the full length of the morning, as I didn’t even have an electric fan. When my waking day finally started, I called my local HVAC business to arrange an appointment with a certified HVAC technician. Hopefully my air conditioner could be repaired at a fair price. Well, the HVAC technician was set to arrive here later today, so I have to hope for the best!

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