My father has been working as a contractor his entire life. He started out as a builder, and later decided that he wanted his own business. He knows all the ins and outs of building, design, and Property Maintenance. He is my go-to guy when I have questions or need help with something around my house. Recently, my HVAC system started giving me trouble, and he was the first person who had called. Although you didn’t know exactly how to fix the HVAC unit, he had a good friend who was able to come over and help me out the next day. His friend was a licensed HVAC technician, and he didn’t even charge me because he did it as a favor for my father. There are definitely purse to having family in the construction business. I know that if I had to go without my air conditioner for very long I would have been completely uncomfortable. I am used to sleeping beneath the air vent while I sleep, so I would not have been able to rest very well if the A/C issue had gone on for much longer. I’m so glad to know that I have people who I can call if I ever have maintenance issues around my home. I don’t know much about taking care of the appliances myself, so I would be out a lot of money every time I had to deal with a major repair or replacement. HVAC units require a lot of care, and I hope that I don’t have to replace my system for years to come. Hopefully, with the help of my dad and other people, I won’t have to even think about my cooling system for a while.



When I was in college I spent almost all of my free time on campus. I lived with two roommates, who were constantly making noise, so the library was the best place for me to get my work done. After I went to my classes, I would stake out a spot and a quiet area for several hours. I was dedicated, and the only thing that kept me from going to the library was when the HVAC system gave out on us a couple of times. When this happened, I was always thrown off because I didn’t know where to go to get my work done. It made me realize how important an air conditioner was to making sure I was able to focus. A good HVAC unit is necessary, and all buildings on campus really needed one. Students have a lot of work that they have to be able to focus on closely if they want to perform well, and a climate-controlled area is part of what keeps the buildings comfortable enough for them to do well. The library would usually get the HVAC system working by the next day, but it still made for a huge inconvenience for me. Hopefully they have replace that heating and cooling system by now because there’s no way they should have to continuously deal with repairs. I know that if I was in charge of the buildings and the maintenance, I would inquire about having a new system installed. Please don’t seem like major issues, but college students really realize how important they can be. I’m glad to be out of school because I don’t like thinking about where I’m going to get my studying done.

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Temperature difference indoor-outdoor is causing condensation

I’m no stranger to the heat of summer, but living in the southern half of the country is really mindblowing this season. The heat never lets up around here, and either does the oppressive relative humidity. The continual barrage of discomfort caused by the pounding sun, the stagnant air, and the suffocating moisture gets old pretty quickly, and there’s only one method of real relief as far as I’m concerned. I love air conditioning. I’m a huge fan of central air, as well as AC window units; I don’t care how I get my high quality air, so long as it’s being pumped continuously into my house. I like to keep the air temperature down around 70 degrees during the day, and drop the temp even lower at night for the ideal sleeping conditions. This is a huge temperature disparity between the indoor and outdoor air, and the difference can be quite shocking when you walk inside or out. Further, I’ve noticed that there is such a great gap in the air temperatures on each side of my home’s windows that there is a massive amount of condensation being built up. The hot air outdoors hits the cold pane of glass and the water condenses straight out of the air, sticking onto the glass. This water is not only fogging up all of my windows, but it’s actually pooling around the window sills and walls surrounding the glass. If I ever need a visual reminder of how important my AC is, I don’t have to look far!

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Too dry with AC on all the time

I’m fairly sure that I live my life chronically dehydrated. Between all the coffee and tea that I drink, along with the adult beverages I consume, coupled with my general inability to remember to drink water throughout the day, it seems apparent that I’m not keeping enough moisture in my body. I often feel sluggish and hungry as a result, and my skin and lips can get dry fairly easily. That’s why summer time is so difficult for me and I struggle to stay healthy during the entire season. Because it gets so hot and humid outdoors, there is no choice except to rely on lots of powerful air conditioning to keep cool indoors. We operate our central cooling system nearly every day, and the season easily lasts half the year. During this time the air conditioning is providing unmatched relief from the misery outside, but causes a whole new set of problems indoors by removing so much moisture from the air. The dehumidified indoor environment that AC creates is both a blessing and a curse, because it feels amazing in the short term, but causes me to be even more dehydrated in the long run. The dry air sucks moisture out from my hair, skin, and nails, and I am constantly moisturizing. The cool air also tends to give me headaches and respiratory problems if I’m not getting enough relief from the natural outdoor air. Long story short, there is no winning in the battle against summer air. It feels like a lose-lose when you’re fighting heat and humidity with cold and dryness.

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Radiant heated floors for office space

I’ve been thinking about everything I’ve gone through lately, and I feel like I deserve to treat myself a little bit. I can tell you, it’s been a stressful couple of years, and I’ve barely taken care of myself throughout these difficult times. Then, in the past 6 months or so, my entire life has been uprooted in support of my darling husband and his blossoming career. Now that I’ve picked up my life and relocated hundreds of miles for him, I’m thinking I deserve just a little creature comfort to ease the transition. That’s why I’m trying to convince him to get me radiant heated flooring for my office space in our new home. I love that I can work from home every day, but I feel like I could be even more comfortable with the right HVAC modifications. We have a fine ventilation system now, with a traditional forced air furnace that services the whole house, but I only work out of my office during the daytime and therefore we should only be heating that one room to save on energy. Instead of closing all the air vents around the rest of the house, I propose that we install heated flooring in my office space so I can adjust the temperature to perfectly fit my personal preferences as I work. I love the idea of having nice warm floors against my toes as I sit at my computer every day, and I think we’ll save money in the long run by cutting down on our energy usage overall.

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Want smart thermostat to adjust for changing temperatures

I’ve never been so stressed out about money in my entire life. Even as a college student when I had no money to eat, and relied on the kindness of after-class clubs to feed me free pizza in order to survive, I still felt like I had a better grasp on my finances than I do right now. You see, we just moved across the country a few weeks ago, and I’m trying to get re-established with a lucrative job, but in the meantime, I’m living off of my savings. With so many expenses from moving, money is really a concern. That’s why I’ve been looking into smart thermostats as a way to potentially save on monthly bills. I’ve been learning a ton about these new modernized temperature control units, and I think they have many functions that could help me to stop wasting money on energy expenditure. I’m really intrigued by having the ability to adjust the temperature of my house remotely from any computer or smart device with the click of a button. That way, I can change any temperature setting on the thermostat while I’m out on my job hunt each day to compensate for the ever-changing weather in our new city. You see, my days out are unpredictable, because there’s no telling what will happen when I’m hitting the streets handing out resumes, and it would be really useful to alter the air conditioning and heating as my day develops. With these remote temperature adjustments, I think we could save significantly on our energy bills.

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Home maintenance-

I think there is something to be said for knowing how to maintain the appliances around someone’s home. When I bought my first house, I didn’t know anything about upkeep or maintenance, but that had to change very quickly. After living there for only about two months, my HVAC system started to give me problems. It was making loud noises, and it was running all the time just to keep the place somewhat cool. I knew that something was wrong, but I had no idea what had caused the issue or if there was anything that could be done to fix it. I did a little bit of research on my own, and found that I had been neglecting the upkeep on my HVAC unit. It seemed that the air filters has not been changed in far too long, and the air ducts have not been cleaned out either. After I realize that these chores were so important, I started paying more attention to my cooling system. By making sure that these things are attended to on a regular basis, it is easy to avoid having to deal with major HVAC unit repairs. I think that this is part of what it means to be a responsible homeowner. I had a lot of learning to do when I moved into my house, but now I think I have a pretty good grip on everything. There are days when I don’t want to do any kind of home maintenance tasks, but I make myself do them because I know how important they are now.

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Heated floors in a new home

I grew up in the Southeastern part of the country, and it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I finally moved away. When I was offered a job in the midwest, I decided to take it so that I could expose myself to a different part of the country. I really like the change of pace, and I have enjoyed exploring all of the new scenery around me. However, the one thing that I don’t like about living in the midwest is the cold weather. When the winter months kick in I have to leave my heater on all the time just to keep my house somewhat comfortable. I have a pretty dependable heating system, so I don’t tend to worry about it giving out on me. One thing I do have to deal with is a pretty hefty utility bill. It’s knows just about every day where I live, so I don’t have the option of turning my heater off most days. I pay much more on my utility bill than I did when I lived in the southeast. I plan on living here for a few more years, so I’m seriously considering having radiant flooring installed in my home. Radiant floors are much more efficient than traditional heaters because they disperse the warm air evenly throughout a house quickly. I know that the upfront cost will be pretty high, but I think I will save money in the long term because I will not be running my heater all the time. Several of my friends at work have recommended that I get the heated floors installed, so I take this as a good sign. It seems like they are very happy to have them in their home.

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Month long camping trip

Last summer I decided to spend a month vacationing in the mountains near my home. I had visited a million times in the past, but I had never been there for a prolonged amount of time, and I really wanted to challenge myself. I really enjoyed myself. I gained a new appreciation for camping, hiking, fishing, and cooking over an open fire. I never thought I would be one to do these things, but I found it I really have a passion for them. I fared pretty well during the months, but I did struggle at times with not having an air conditioner. The Experience made me realize how dependent I am on my HVAC system at home, and there were days when I really wanted to be able to adjust the thermostat and kick back in the cool air. What I needed to cool off, I what go for a dip in the lake or nap in my hammock in the shade. It wasn’t quite as nice as turning on the air conditioner and kicking back on the couch, but it definitely had its perks. Nature is so peaceful to me, and I got some of the best rest that I have ever had out there. When the month ended, I went back to my job feeling recharged and ready to go. Everybody had questions about my trip. Some people were shocked that I was able to survive for the entire month, but I think anybody could do it if they are willing to push themselves. I would like to do this sort of thing again in the future. I will probably choose a new spot, but I would like to stay again for a month.

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Big Party and HVAC

I was so proud of my oldest son! He had a rough time getting through high school, and an even rougher time afterwards. He didn’t want to go to college right away, but he also didn’t want to go to work either. Unfortunately, that’s not the way the world works. I told him he either had to make a choice. He could go to school, get a job, or move out. He picked school, and his graduation was just last week! Unfortunately, the party was almost ruined by my old air conditioner. We had been planning the big party for months, and honestly should have foreseen something going wrong with our heating and cooling system.Both the furnace and the air conditioner had been acting strange for quite a while. We didn’t want to spend the extra money on regular HVAC system maintenance. Well, we had to pay the price for that choice. On the day of the party my air conditioner completely stopped working. It wouldn’t have been such a big deal on any other day. The temperature was up to 102 degrees that day though! So, the lack of air conditioner caused all the guests to sweat profusely. It was very uncomfortable day to say the least. Not only that, but the air conditioner repair ended up costing me a lot of money. If I had gotten the HVAC system maintained on a regular basis, I would have saved myself a whole lot of cash. The party may not have been a success, and the HVAC system may have cost me some money, but at least my son had successfully graduated!

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