Poor cooling system

I am currently a graduate student, halfway to completing my PhD. I’ve been in school for the past few years, and it took every passing day to get to the routine I have now. It took some time to adjust to the workload, as it’s much more difficult than getting a bachelor’s degree. I’m constantly working, save for when I’m asleep or taking a shower, as I’ll work while I eat each meal. Taking on this much work means I’ve got to have a tolerable place to do it, and a big part of that tolerability hinges on my HVAC system. Since I go to school in a horrendously hot part of the country, superior air conditioning is critical. Some Summer days, we see temperatures well into the hundreds, and the best thing I can do on such days is stay home and work in the cool air. Grad school is hard enough without the god-awful heat waves, so I don’t think I could’ve done this well if not for the comfort my house provides. I’m religious about keeping my HVAC equipment in excellent condition, ensuring I won’t see a breakdown when I need it most. I had problems in my last house, where the AC died on me every other week because I didn’t tend to it. It’s hard enough to try and take on this level of work in a climate-controlled space – I didn’t need to be pouring sweat onto my work too! I’m just thankful have a hushed, comfortable place to get my work done. It won’t be long now ‘til I’m finished with school, and hopefully I’m able to begin a teaching job!

HVAC installation