Concert Capacity and HVAC

I am the owner of a local concert venue. It;s not a very big one, but we do attract a lot of local bands. Every once in a blue moon we will get a major band that wants to play here. It’s great publicity for a big band to play the small club circuit once in awhile. It makes them seem more “fan accessible.” A few weeks ago we had one such big band scheduled, and unfortunately the HVAC system decided to go out on us. We thought it was the thermostat at first, but after getting an HVAC technician to take a look at it, we realized that it was the air conditioner. It was sadly unable to be repaired. We needed a brand new air conditioner, and we needed one fast! The big show was scheduled for three days from the HVAC system nightmare. There would be no way the show could go on without a working air conditioner. The show was sold out, and with a full capacity we could not subject the attendees to a big human generated furnace. People could pass out or worse. Our HVAC technician searched all the local HVAC system businesses for a workable cooling system. We needed an industrial sized air conditioner, and unfortunately all the local places were sold out. We had no choice but to have one shipped from another location. Happily, the new air conditioner showed up in time for the big show. The HAV technician was able to instal the air conditioner with barely 3 hours to spare until showtime.

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