My father has been working as a contractor his entire life. He started out as a builder, and later decided that he wanted his own business. He knows all the ins and outs of building, design, and Property Maintenance. He is my go-to guy when I have questions or need help with something around my house. Recently, my HVAC system started giving me trouble, and he was the first person who had called. Although you didn’t know exactly how to fix the HVAC unit, he had a good friend who was able to come over and help me out the next day. His friend was a licensed HVAC technician, and he didn’t even charge me because he did it as a favor for my father. There are definitely purse to having family in the construction business. I know that if I had to go without my air conditioner for very long I would have been completely uncomfortable. I am used to sleeping beneath the air vent while I sleep, so I would not have been able to rest very well if the A/C issue had gone on for much longer. I’m so glad to know that I have people who I can call if I ever have maintenance issues around my home. I don’t know much about taking care of the appliances myself, so I would be out a lot of money every time I had to deal with a major repair or replacement. HVAC units require a lot of care, and I hope that I don’t have to replace my system for years to come. Hopefully, with the help of my dad and other people, I won’t have to even think about my cooling system for a while.