When I was in college I spent almost all of my free time on campus. I lived with two roommates, who were constantly making noise, so the library was the best place for me to get my work done. After I went to my classes, I would stake out a spot and a quiet area for several hours. I was dedicated, and the only thing that kept me from going to the library was when the HVAC system gave out on us a couple of times. When this happened, I was always thrown off because I didn’t know where to go to get my work done. It made me realize how important an air conditioner was to making sure I was able to focus. A good HVAC unit is necessary, and all buildings on campus really needed one. Students have a lot of work that they have to be able to focus on closely if they want to perform well, and a climate-controlled area is part of what keeps the buildings comfortable enough for them to do well. The library would usually get the HVAC system working by the next day, but it still made for a huge inconvenience for me. Hopefully they have replace that heating and cooling system by now because there’s no way they should have to continuously deal with repairs. I know that if I was in charge of the buildings and the maintenance, I would inquire about having a new system installed. Please don’t seem like major issues, but college students really realize how important they can be. I’m glad to be out of school because I don’t like thinking about where I’m going to get my studying done.

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