AC unit and working out

I have stuck with  a strenuous workout routine now for about almost six months. I have never stuck with an exercise program like this for this length of time. Usually, I start working out and then quit after only a few weeks. When I came to the conclusion that my health was in danger because of my lack of exercise, I decided to make exercising a top priority. The first thing I did was invest a stationary bike and some free weights. I set my new equipment  in my spare bedroom so that I would have a dedicated area for my work out. I situated the stationary  bike directly below an air vent so that I would benefit from the cool air blowing on me while I was exercising. This was the right call because I am remain more motivated.  I like knowing that I won’t be drenched with death within a few minutes of beginning my workout.   I do not look at exercising as nearly as overwhelming because I have my air-conditioned room. If I had to go ride my bike outside or I did not have a functioning air conditioner, I would definitely not be as fit as I am now. It’s super difficult to get motivated when exercise is only able to be done outdoors. To make it more difficult, I live in a northern region, and there is little relief  from the weather conditions around here. The humidity is rough in the summer.  The temperature is often below freezing in the winter. I am so fortunate to have a separate exercise room where I have control over the thermostat and can set the ideal temperature. This is beneficial for my health and I now look forward the my daily workout.  

cooling system