AC failed and ruined cake

I wouldn’t consider myself to be a chef of any sort. I can get by making a few staples, but it’s my boyfriend who makes most of our meals. He’s essentially a gourmet chef at my disposal, taking orders and trying to make the most extravagant meals on a budget possible. He does such a good job taking care of me and I owe him. That’s how I decided to make him a cake last week, of course not realizing that our HVAC unit would squash my surprise long before my guy ever got a taste. It was a really hot summer day, so the air conditioning had been turned up on full blast since before the sun rose. I had all the supplies I needed to bake a gourmet chocolate cake at home, and quickly got to work, pausing a few times to adjust the thermostat even lower as the kitchen heated up. Everything went swimmingly, and my dessert turned out better than I could have expected when I noticed that it felt a little too warm in the house for the temperature I had programmed. I played with the thermostat again, but the air continued to feel warmer and warmer as the time ticked by. Eventually I started to get worried and called our local HVAC company, who asked me to go outside and check on the AC unit. As I was digging around near the central cooling system, the house apparently continued to rapidly heat up, because by the time I got back indoors my cake had melted.

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