Air Conditioning Before the Hurricane

Right now, we are sitting in our living room enjoying the last little bit of time we have before the hurricane arrives near our city. Of course, the news has presented the storm as much more significant than it really is, and it has been wrong repeatedly about the course of the storm. Ultimately, we will be seeing some heavy rain and intense winds. The worst part about the storm is the inevitable loss of power. This is what we are waiting for currently and hoping to avoid. I have the air conditioning system turned as cold as I can get it in the house. My thought process is that keeping it extra cold will help make it more comfortable when the power does finally go out. Even if it keeps cool air in my house for a couple of hours longer, it would be worth it. Of course, the best scenario would be the power staying on and us staying cool throughout the storm. I don’t really care if trees are blowing over outside, as long as we have cold air conditioning flowing inside. We debated evacuating just because we did not want to be without power and air conditioning. Ultimately, we decided to stay because we did not want to clog the roads for the people who were in great danger than us. It would be very selfish to clog the road just for the purpose of us having a nice air-conditioned hotel room somewhere. We are all hoping and praying that the power and air conditioning continue to work for these next two days of stormy weather.

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