Home Ownership and Appliance Purchasing

My husband and I decided to take a huge leap into purchasing a home. We have rented all of our lives having loved the security of being taken care of by a landlord. But, we felt the desire for more security and roots for our new baby. We had a fairly easy time of finding the home for us that suited all of our needs. The one downside was it needed all new appliances. My husband saw this as a positive since we could start fresh and know the life span of our appliances. First up, an HVAC system. This was a must as we live in a 4 season town with extreme heat and extreme cold at times. This was daunting figuring out the most cost-effective heating and cooling units for new home. My husband suggested we just call over to the local HVAC provider in town to get a full house assessment and devise a plan that best fitted our floor plan. They were very prompt in arriving in two days taking about two hours to go over the entire house. They suggested having just bought our home and going with a new product that we replace all the air vents and air filters that were left behind and rusted out. He then told us we were better to replace the ductwork as well as it showed great wear and tear. We started from scratch getting the basic central heating and cooling unit to start and would look at different features later down the road. Since it was all brand new, they threw in a great annual free maintenance program for two years. It was an investment of great proportions, but I am trying to see the long term benefits.

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