Solar Farm Living Comparisons

I really have enjoyed living on our solar farm for the last year. It has been amazing to try so many new and innovative ideas when it comes to heating and cooling, as well as cooking and our laundry ways. It is fascinating how we could use solar energy for so many different appliances. This is the first time ever using a wood burning stove in the winter time. It was super hard to learn how to start a fire and keep it going at first, but as winter came to a close, I finally mastered it. I have to say, while I really enjoyed the opportunity, I do miss the easy nature of modern household appliances. When it’s cold in the winter morning, it is a pure luxury to just walk over to the thermostat and have heat in a matter of minutes throughout the entire house. The air vents are all spread out, so in an instant the entire house is heated, compared to a wood burning stove which filters the heat very slowly, if it even reaches all of the rooms. There is no big mess of ashes to contend with or constantly worrying over having enough wood in a storm. I must confess, there were a few times when I did cheat and use my portable electric heater in my room to start the day. I just couldn’t stop shivering to light the fire and needed a little warmth. The solar farm only has ceiling fans in the summer months, which really just rotates the hot air through the house. Again, the idea of just turning on the thermostat to the air conditioner and be done with it is so tempting. When all is said and done the finance piece comes out the same.

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