Ductwork cleaning because it is jammed

I left for school in August, and I had my first break in November.  I came home, excited to see the family, but instead, I was angry enough that I wanted to scream.  My little sister had invaded the sanctity of my bedroom, and she had rearranged everything.  It was like she had been trying to erase the fact that I ever lived there.  Her belongings were scattered all around the room, and she had her toys lined up on my bed.  The worst part was that she had moved her doll house into my room, and it was  covering the air vent.  I had no airflow in my room.  It was getting chilly outside, and I really wanted to get some heat.  I ran downstairs, ready to make a fuss, when I stopped in my tracks.  My darling little sister, was telling mom how I was ignoring her.  I went back upstairs and I moved the dollhouse.  I tried to open the air vent, but she had jammed it shut so her doll house would sit flat.  I had to get dad to take the air vent apart and fix the lever that opened the air vent.  I soon had great air flow, and the HVAC was sending plenty of heat to my room.  I talked to dad about the problem, and he knocked on my door later that afternoon.  He had gone to town and bought a new doorknob with a key lock.  He put it on my door, and gave me the key.  He promised not to give the other key to my mother.

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