AC in the summer time

    My brother got married a short while ago, and I traveled, to be at the ceremony. He lives about ten hours from our home. He moved up north, after college, and we don’t see him very often. I was happy to be able to take a whole week, to be at the wedding. Since the ceremony was in the middle of August, I packed shorts, and some tank tops. I was running the A/C system constantly at my home, but the weather was going to be different there. I assumed that the outdoor temperatures would be less than home, but not in the low fifties. I didn’t bring any jeans, or sweaters, and I wished that I did so. There was no need for running the A/C system in his area, but, I find myself needing to run the A/C at home, consistently, during the month of June. The weather took me by surprise. I had to go to the mall and buy a pair of jeans, sneakers, and a sweater. I’m used to running my A/C constantly, and still finding myself sweating in the kitchen. I decided to take advantage of the cooler temperatures, and go hiking in the mountains. There are many outdoor activities that couldn’t be done, during the summer at home, because of the lack of A/C. I love to hike in nature and admire nature at her finest, but I only have a few months out of the year, for any activities like that at home. There was only one day during the entire week, that my brother ran the A/C system. The rest for the days were cool, and overcast.

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