Allergies in the ductwork

    My wife and I happen to suffer from terrible seasonal allergies. The spring season is always the worst, because all of the plants are in full blossom. This happens to be the time when our allergies cause us, about the most difficulty. The excess pollen can get pulled into our HVAC system, and be able to be distributed throughout our indoor air. My wife and I have been suffering for some years, and recently, we decided to try a new allergist. I was glad that we did this, because the allergist suggested one or two new ideas. One of the ideas, was to have our HVAC air ducts cleaned and also sanitized. I had read much information about this online, but always assumed it would not work properly. The doctor had names of several different HVAC air duct cleaning companies, and he gave us some brochures on ways to help our seasonal allergies. My wife and I contacted a company from the list of HVAC companies that same week, and made an appointment to have our air ducts cleaned. I read a great deal of mixed reviews online, so I was unsure if the HVAC duct cleaning would give us any relief. The HVAC ducts were flushed and sanitized this weekend, and we could already tell a huge difference in our indoor atmosphere. My allergies have not caused much sneezing, over the last two days, and I have noticed a smaller amount of dust in the air. My wife has noticed a huge difference in the air quality also, so I do believe the cleaning was an amazing idea. We will probably have this done annually, before the start of the spring pollen season.