can’t decide on a heating system

I have decided to simply install a new heating plan right in our home. I live right down south so heating is not totally necessary either. What I have been doing is even getting by with some space heaters. I hate the look of the gas furnaces and they are not absolutely that powerful. Also those types of gas furnaces cost a lot in electricity I think. I have to  certainly leave them on all day, so our bills go right up. I suppose a nice, small, classy heating plan would be worth it in the end then. But, I have experienced so much trouble with getting a brand new oil furnace. I even just tried researching what type of oil furnace I want and I can’t decide on one at all. I also tried calling a bunch of heating businesses nearby for good help. It is so incredibly shocking how rude some of the Heating, Ventilation & A/C companies truly are. Don’t they want our business at all? I am certainly trying to buy a brand new oil furnace for my home too. Then I am going to ask for oil furnace installation for sure, but finally I will need a heating repair plan installed. I am a very overpriced client that will be giving them a lot of cash for sure. But all I get is a bunch of very rude boys on the iphone that seem like they don’t want the job at all. They also never want to give myself and others a free estimate at all. My location seems to be a big problem for them as well. Most of the time I hang up the iphone there before the people I was with and I even talk about pricing there. I can’t think of how hard it is to buy a really good oil furnace. It seems like nobody wants myself and others to get this product at all. Maybe I should just stick it out with our space heaters that we already have.

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