How to save on heating

With the long and cold winter season in my region, I spend a wad of cash to heat my home. My furnace is easily ten years old and I’ve got taken very good service out of it. I make sure to replace the internal filter every month, and I schedule professional maintenance every season. The HVAC technician cleans, inspects, and adjusts the components to help keep them working at peak efficiency. Despite the furnace being relatively energy efficient, I am always trying my best to minimize my monthly heating expenditures. Running the furnace for approximately nine months out of your year is a big cost. With the outside temperature quite often dropping well below zero degrees, there’s no choice but to operate that heating system. I have done everything in my power to reduce the workload on the air conditioner, improve comfort in my property, and reduce energy costs. I replaced every single window in your with new thermal paned, Energy Superstar rated windows. I carefully caulked all around them, and hung heavy drapes so that you can combat any cool air leaking in the glass. I installed weatherstripping all over every exterior door, and spent a fair amount of time and money adding insulation in the walls, ceilings, along with crawlspaces. I also installed ceiling fans in many of the rooms in order to push the heated air down. I’m not sure these improvements have made that big of an difference. During the winter, my house still constantly feels chilly and I’m very reluctant to raise the thermostat. Maybe it’s time to purchase a new heating system.

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