HVAC is the priority

Following retiring from our jobs, my husband and i started buying and selling old houses. We find rundown houses, in decent locations, and fix em up. Because we handle the majority of the remodeling on our own accord, we could make a small profit. We choose houses that definitely require some work but are habitable, and we reside on the premises during the time while we finish the project. My husband and I are ready for complete teardown, building wall structure, replacing cupboards, installing windows, along with resolving plumbing issues. We’ve learned by ourselves to completely renovate a bathroom and kitchen, and we’ve constructed porches together with poured cement. One of the other jobs we are reluctant to tackle is replacing the heating and cooling system. We typically call in a licensed HVAC contractor to help ensure the safe and reliable operation of the existing heating and cooling system. Replacing a furnace or air conditioner is simply too big of an investment to be worthwhile. We make sure the duct system is properly installed, clean and effectively closed. My husband and I don’t want to attempt to install heating or cooling equipment at all. Even a minor mistake you could end up a safety issue, major energy waste, and total discomfort. It isn’t just more pleasant to live inside of a house with an operating HVAC system, but if we sell the home, we want the homeowners to be satisfied. Frequently, the current heating and cooling components installed were simply neglected and need to have some professional tuning, a filter change and some replacement parts. If any larger repairs are foreseen, my husband and I are reluctant to invest in the home.

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