Long chats where I don’t have AC

My mother loves to get into super long talks with me. I think like she plans having a long talk in the worst possible location or the worst possible time. Usually around seven in the morning my mother loves to sit down and have a heart to heart. She also will like to talk when I am in the middle of a project for work. Her most recent habit is talking to me when I am in the blazing heat. My mom loves to sit in her truck with the A/C blasting and talk to me while I am working. She has a quality cooling unit blowing on her, is completely shaded and also has water right in her cup holder. My mother then has an hour long talk with me while I am standing outside of her truck. I have to stand in the heat with no shade or AC. I also usually am standing on sizzling black top with no shoes and I am carrying something. I can handle a bit of sun, sizzling feet and the heat from the truck. The only thing that easily irritates me is the A/C not being on me. My mom can talk for hours sitting and enjoying the air conditioner. I don’t care for being so far away from the A/C and sweating. I can at least get a small blast of cooling if I sit and chat with her. The next time my mom wants to have a long talk in the Summer heat, I am going to get in her air conditioned truck with her.

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