Wanting to add dehumidifiers

I am super different about my health. I am a vegetarian and have been for about 8 years now. I frequently will give up cheese, bread and candy for a bit. I also work out every single day. I run about three afternoons a week. I do gymnastics various nights a week. And then I do weight lifting and crunches most mornings. I tone and work every muscle in my body. I take care of every element of my body. I even make sure that my indoor air quality is perfect. What all of us eat, do and inhale easily affects our health. Air quality can easily affect your health and make you sick. Dry air quality chaps your lips, causes nose bleeds and essentially ruins your skin. Too much moisture in the indoor air conditions causes acne and mold to develop that can cause  you sickness. That is why I run both a humidifier and dehumidifier. I use the humidifier in the winter along with my furnace. I also use the dehumidifier with the A/C in the Summer. All year long the air quality can become polluted. The outdoor air can be cleaner than most indoor air. So I have invested in every type of Heating and Air Conditioning product I can to freshen up my indoor air quality. I have an air purification unit that I have on all of the time. I have a filter in my Heating and Air Conditioning technology that purify the air quality. I also have reliable monthly Heating and Air Conditioning cleaning done to my unit by a professional.

air filter