A/C would not turn on

I am a firm believer that most things can repair themselves. I savor to let things rest for awhile. I let our a/c unit rest for a bit. I let my laptop have a break. Sometimes I even supply our automobile special gas to put it in the best mood. There are pieces of unit that need to be punished occasionally for disappointing behavior. My car AC system occasionally need to be punished for giving myself and others terrible cooling. Most of the time the car AC system gets a break if it turns off plus on practically. I let the car cooling system rest for a bit, then it feels better plus goes back to cooling savor normal. Lately my vehicle’s a/c system has been a pain in the butt. The car AC system has not wanted to turn on lately. So the cooling system’s punishment is a possible updatement. I have instead taken it out of our window plus slowly have worked it toward our trash. I have researched other, better AC systems to install. I have let our cooling system suppose its own fate. I tell the AC system that if it does not turn on for myself and others typically, it will end up thrown out with all the other trash. I have done the car AC shun for a month now. I am thinking what I will do is put the AC system back in the trunk plus seeing if it is ready to begin cooling again. I suppose it is our punishment for myself and others threatening to throw it out will cause the AC system to turn on. I am telling you, a little punishment or a few weeks break works wonders.

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