HVAC issues after fire alarm

I’m a freshman at a sizable university down in the south. I couldn’t have been more happy to leave home plus live in this immense dorm with tons of other students our own age. On check in day, our parents helped myself and others move out stuff in plus get everything set up. Once they left, our current roommate plus I attended a mandatory meeting with our resident assistant plus the rest of the floor. At the meeting, all of us covered all of the dorm rules plus regulations. One thing she mentioned, was that we’d be having random fire drills sporadically throughout the year. My roommate plus I brushed it off, thinking they would be while most of us were in the day plus we’d most likely be in class or in the Barnes plus Noble; Three weeks later, all of us found out that all of us were easily wrong! At 4 in the morning, our roommate plus I shot up from bed to the sound of our fire alarm ringing. We groggily headed down the back stairs plus exited the building with all the other tired students. As soon as all of us stepped outside, all of us realized that it was snowing hard! My roommate plus I only had shorts on, plus flip flops, so all of us were incredibly chilly in the twenty two degree temperature. Once the entire building exited, the resident assistants took their time counting up all the people plus making sure everything went smoothly. We stood there shivering and envying all the people who was smarter than us plus put on their warm and cozy robes. Once all of us thought we all had frostbite, they let us back inside. My roommate plus I sprinted up to our room plus bundled ourselves into our blankets! We made sure to crank the heat all the way up to 79 degrees, in order to thaw out.

HVAC program