Lazy days and the thermostat

How many hours a day can you spend on a tablet? I’m asking not for myself, but for my roommates because I suppose they may be starting to grow into the couch. They both have gaming systems hooked up to side by side cables, and all they do all day is game against each other, but with the both of them constantly in that room, it wreaks. These women pretty much live off tea and chips. With many tablets and many big TV’s constantly on, the room never cools off entirely, no matter how much every one of us run the A/C. Lucky for me, since I constantly keep my back home office shut off from the rest of the house, I don’t have any cooling issues back there. But the main rooms of the house, constantly feel like we live in a sauna. One day I asked them to call an HVAC inspector and come take a look at the system, and they said they would. But the next day, I saw that they instead had ordered a portable A/C component off of the internet and sat it in between them. The small cooling component had a radius of about 10 feet, just enough for cooling off themselves and not much else. They had spent way more money then it would have cost to have an HVAC contractor come and look at the central system. I wish their affection for tablets translated to affection of A/C.

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