Sun room ac device

When my spouse and I bought an apartment building, there were no HVAC systems installed. We knew that we can get more money for the condos, if we put some form of HVAC system inside. After a few meetings about the budget, we thought to install a large window HVAC unit. The HVAC unit would have the capacity to cool and heat the entire apartment, as long as this doors were left open. We use a heating source in our section of the country, so this seemed like the perfect solution to our factors. We both notified the few tenants already keep in mind that the apartments, and they have also been excited for the upgrades. We were going to paint all of the apartments and also install new rugs. The tenants did not manage to mind the increase in mortgage payments, since we were making so many wonderful upgrades to the building. We needed to add an additional one hundred dollars each month to the mortgage payments, in order to cover all of the upgrades. We advertised the new heating and cooling upgrades with the paper, and it wasn’t some time before we were packed with people. We booked the remaining apartments in just days. We probably could have charged more with the apartments, but we are so glad to experience them all filled. All of the tenants were happy with the brand new heating and cooling upgrades, and the brand new carpet got a great reply also. This investment is travelling to make us positive cash flow in only a couple of months, and that’s an awesome investment to make!

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